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Rebrand Prophecy | Bible Prophecy centers around God's desire to live with us again

We want to create a movement around

God's story

Season one, "Above" Poster - Bible Prophecy Animated Series | Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon

Season one

Research, scriptwriting, and environment design is in progress.

God's Story Should Be Well told.

We are sick of lackluster Christian films. The most important story ever lived should be told with the most quality possible. Our aim is to treat each episode with the same attention as a film.


We want to create masterfully crafted stories, with incredible intentionality to relay complex messages, simply and impactfully.

How Can We Re-brand Prophecy?

“The first-ever animated short-film style series exploring Bible Prophecy.” Films don’t focus on theory, they focus on people. So instead of hearing more about cryptic timelines, or dry dates, you get to see real people experiencing God through Prophecy.

Cameron Shurley presenting about Rebrand Prophecy a ministry about Bible Prophecy

We Just Want to Tell God's Story.

Prophecy is an essential part of God’s Story. Unfortunately, many people are afraid to even open the pages of Daniel and Revelation, because of these books’ dark, mysterious, and often frightening connotations.


Our goal is to re-brand Prophecy by presenting it in context with God’s Story. We want to tell the very human, touching, and inspiring story of God fighting to be reunited with His children. It’s God’s story, and it’s our story too.

Rebranding Bible Prophecy through an animated series about the books of Daniel & Revelation
Rebrand Prophecy | We value making high quality Christian content
Rebrand Prophecy | Let's Start a Movement Around God's Story

Let's Start a Movement.

We want to spread God’s story far and near, so that the whole world can have a chance to know their father. Ultimately we want as many people as possible to be able to live with Him in paradise again.

Daniel 3 - Fiery Furnace | Golden statue made by Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon
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