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Our Mission

Rebrand Prophecy was born in response to the problem that very few people truly understand prophecy, or even know why they should care. Apart from Jesus coming down to this earth and dying for us, Prophecy is one of the most incredible things God has done for us. But Satan knows that prophecy, if truly understood, will strengthen, inspire and focus our generation for the work we need to accomplish.

Our Team

Cameron Shurley

President, Director, Story Writer

Cameron Shurley | President of Rebrand Prophecy, Director, & Screenwriter
Anthony Montague

Vice-President, Theology & Research

Anthony Montague | Vide-President of Rebrand Prophecy
Gabrielle Baker


Gabrielle Baker | Secretary at Rebrand Prophecy
Julie Shurley


Julie Shurley | Rebrand Prophecy Treasurer
Christian Hunte


Christian Hunt | Rebrand Prophecy Advisor
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